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About Our Company

We provide investment solutions that show sustainable gains in a safe environment. Focused only on investing in technology, that leverages capitals, and actively guide them into a global valuable asset.

Here you gain access to investment guidance that simply aligns with your goals, we usually act as the lead investor and able to arrange significant follow-on funding through our partners and investor investment.

We aim to tailor each and every portfolio to meet the specific needs and goals of the account-holders and plan for the future.

Whether your goal is to create short term growth for a specific expense, to create lasting wealth for future generations to build upon, or anything in between, we are uniquely placed to guide you toward the fruition of these aspirations.

Allan Mcgregor

Investment Plan

We offer investments that are proven to show sustainable gains, in Safe Environment UPTO
5.0% interest

Payment Methods

Classic Plan

2.6% Daily

Duration: 6 Days
Min: $100
Max: $7,999

Unique Plan

3.0% Daily

Duration: 6 Days
Min: $8,000
Max: $18,999

Royal Plan

4.2% Daily

Duration: 5 Days
Min: $19,000
Max: $29,999

Elite Plan

5% Daily

Duration: 5 Days
Min: $30,000
Max: $1,000,000

Fixed Deposit Plan

10% Weekly

Duration: 60 Days

Partnership Model

Bucks Enterprise Partnerships Group focuses on building an ecosystem of partners across industry domains and technologies. Our affiliate program pays 10% of investor’s amount as commission for every direct investor you refer and up to two-level deep. Due to the high value of the investor’s amount, affiliates stand to make serious money with one of the most lucrative Investment affiliate programs around.

commissions only on 1st deposit
1st Level – 10%
2nd Level – 3%


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